Which OS would you guys recommend for game hosting?
Im currently using Ubuntu Desktop (i was complete beginner when i installed it) and plan on switching to Ubuntu without Desktop. It doesnt have to be similar, im very willing to learn, as long as its a free OS :)

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    Ubuntu desktop and ubuntu without desktop? What? You mean Unity and Ubuntu Server?

    Anyway, Ubuntu with SteamOS is probably the best gaming distro

    EDIT: OH! Sorry, I understand now, so yeah, Ubuntu Server is popular choice and you already know Ubuntu, but there’s also a more “power user” server distro I use for servers, named CentOS, which is based on RedHat.
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    I'd go with CentOS :)
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    @linuxxx CentOS 7, right?
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    @RedBorg Everyone says CentOS, so ill probably end up using that, thanks :)
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    @rasm945i 6/7 are both fine with me :)
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    @linuxxx 7 it is. Having so much trouble with ssh auth keys you won't believe it. Gonna figure it out sooner or later :P
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