I have installed Arch Linux and I love it!!!! Is my favourite distro.

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    Just you wait till you brick it.
    You'll learn a lot about Linux in the moments it bricks. 😂😏

    FYI if you are dedicated you can also use a tiling window manager like I3 to make ypur workflow more efficient.
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    Yeah, I recommend you try i3. I can live without tiling now + you can make it super fucking pretty.
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    @teganburns I prefer cinnamon as a desktop, which does enough keyboard snap-tiling for me... but i3 can improve efficiency IF you have the time to configure it & train yourself to use keybindings.

    I like Arch for personal use, but it can be a bit unstable and has bitten me too often to use for work. I don't want to find my laptop unbootable next morning after running pacman -Syu at the end of the day... and the Arch community has this elitist overcommited attitude of "you should read the forum before installing any updates".
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    @bittersweet eh it took me like 3 days to configure and get used to it.
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    @teganburns Why do you take me so literally.
    By bricking an OS I generally mean: messing it up so badly you need to live boot to fix it.
    Bricking would mean it'd be completely dead, I know. (Which often still can be flashed again, buuuut that's besides the point)
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    I like arch for me is the best one
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    @Blit12 yeah I agree. I love arch 😙
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