*Earlier today, asked a colleague to add exception handling for some (around 20) source files.*

*Just now, he walked over to my desk and this is the conversation that took place between us*

He: Hey, I've handled exceptions in those source files. But now the build is failing.

Me: Let me check. *pulled up the code and saw compilation errors 😠*

Me: Hmm, there are compilation issues. Did you try running those in your local machine?

Him: No, should I?

Me: *still trying to figure out why on earth the code is not compiling* Ah, you should have. That would have saved us some time.

Him: Oh, I see. Adding exception handling was an easy task, so I didn't bother to run it.

Me: *After seeing curly braces being missed out or added all over the files, I lost my fucking mind😑😠*

Me: Hey, don't worry. I'll take it from here 😊. *IN MY MIND: Thanks for being an ass hole and doubling my work on a day before a long weekend 😠😑🀬*

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