Am I the only one that hates working with other developers who think they are some kind of God? I mean it's good to have someone confident in your team but it's so frustrating when he or she starts changing code because "this is better".

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    Genius Devs suck so much. We had this guy who thought he was the gift of the ProgrammerGod himself. He ended up in a single office without any collague that was willing to stay in the same office with him because not only he was arrogant as hell but also he opened the window when it was 20° - outside or he did his "Finger Training" and started hacking his Keyboard ultra loud for 5 Minutes. Everyone from Customer Service hated him too. Toxic!
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    @kojote oml that does sound horrible...!
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    @NeonGekko it was and I'm happy I don't have to argue with him over the transfersize of the Meta Tag for the Google Anayltics Confirmation - he said: Upload the HTML file, I said: add the Meta tag, he said: But it will add so many KB to the traffic ... yeah sure ...
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    A real 10X programmer never need to change others code.
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