I've been asked to build a forum. Preferably in Node.js, anyone done this before?

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    But why?

    No but seriously I really don't see the point of it.
    There are plenty of drag and drop LAMP forums that you can set up in like an hour.

    I mean what's the benifit? Unless it's a really intensive forums with loads of traffic I don't see the point.

    Also the amount of bloat that is npm. You'll be packing on some modules in no time.

    No I have no experience and I also don't see it being viable for now.

    But by all means go ahead. 👩‍💻
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    Just node? No PHP? No Javaserver? Just Like pooof? 😂😂

    No seriously don't do it. Would take too long. I am not the experienced WebDev (Just @-the-Beginning) but even for experienced developers it isn't just a one man job
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    I started a node forum a while ago and it turned into an unfinished project was meant to be used to learn node, I've recently picked it back up using a rest API, now it's being used to learn rest APIs, so far so good. Good luck with it.
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    @rootshell saying that using something is bad while having no experience with it sounds kinda fucking stupid, also he could be using it to learn node
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    @GCHQ I have experience with nodejs just no experience with making forums in node. Because of stated reasons.

    Node is very versatile but for some things there are just better tools.

    Granted if it's just for fun always go ahead with whatever but in a business setting you generally can't get away with an free going attitude.
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    @rootshell do you work for yourself
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    @SteffTek @dvencoder18 I made an image board based on 4chan but with actual user accounts, notifications, email system, video & image support, thumbnailing and s3 support in around 4 months, it's doable and you should do it you'll learn a lot.
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