So I really hate iOS programming. I'm in school and all my devices for dev are Microsoft based and fuck trying to use hackintosh. So now I have to waste more of my time and gas money going to school to use the stupid fucking imacs to Develop in a language I have 0 interest in. Fuck apple, fuck iOS, and fuck swift!

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    Blame your lazyness of setting up a Hackintosh 🌝👀
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    @Pablodotjs it's not laziness. They are a huge pain even after you get them working, plus it isn't even legal based on the terms of use. Apple does suck when it comes to their dev environment. Xcode wasn't even mentioned in this rant but it's the worst piece of software ever made. If I ever meet the devs that made that garbage I'm going to take a huge dump on their face.
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    Xcode really is a piece of shit but swift is really good.
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