Agile is stupid.

You’re trying to build an application based on data that doesn’t exist yet, and that changes weekly; surely it makes more sense for the API to be built and in place before someone tries to create a front end?

The client decides they want an extra feature 1/2 way through which changes the way it should work yet again.

What you end up with is some rigid and poorly structured architecture, that might work - but how you have no time to refactor it to make it good, an account manager that doesn’t understand what the problem is, and a team of developers wondering wtf you were thinking when you wrote this pos

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    That isn't an agile problem.

    Thats a bad client and bad management problem.
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    And every single company is hiring into "an agile team". Bullshit. I don't put that into our job spec because there is no agile. At least I'm honest right?
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    @Torbuntu I don't think it's agile problem. As @D--M said, it's bad management and/or client. I've worked on a few agile projects and it was actually a very good experience. If there are any stoppers your scrum master should sort it out with the client and push him to make a decision. And working agile shouldn't mean that you don't have any information. There should still be project analysis and stuff. And the client shouldn't be allowed to change core stuff.
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    @Torbuntu ohh, okay, i've misundestood :D
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