Bossman freaks out over every little thing (ironically unless it's important).

Bossman also just set our papertrail 500 filter to forward him a copy of every "critical alert."

Fuck me.

He has zero technical knowledge and zero reading comprehension. He literally forwarded one and said "This has one lots of info in it. explain it to me." (It was a log usage notification. in plain English. It had maybe three numbers in it.)

There's lots of useless "500"s in the list we don't care about. API Guy used the finer as a debugging alert system, and peppered his logs with "500 internal hey look at this." In fact, none of the 500s were even interesting; all but one was spam.

All day I've been tending to freakouts and accusations of me not doing anything. Ugh.

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    I’m so sorry :( this is a terrible feeling situation to be in.
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    Some professionals are illiterate. It sounds like he might be one of them, at least to some degree.

    Worst part is, if you call him on it, you're toast. Sounds like you need either a new boss or he needs a secretary. I don't envy you.
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    I feel ya' 😕
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    A facepalm-worthy update:

    After the boss's fiddling, I no longer receive any alerts from 500s.

    He does, the accountant does, and a mobile dev contractor does. The company's only Rails developer? Nah, she doesn't need them.
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    @Root This sounds really stupid! My boss trusts me and the team, and if we say it's not worth the time, then it's not. It helps that my boss, the CEO, is not tech-illiterate.
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    @coderme That must be nice. 🙁

    Mine is barely literate at all. If anything looks or sounds worrying, he flies into full panic-mode. It's insane and soo stressful.
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    @Root Same here, so incompetent. Lacks basic skills, and can't even begin to comprehend some of the other stuff. Contantly needs hand holding, even when it comes to trivial things like sending emails. It blows my mind that he can dress himself in the morning. Resignation inbound.
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    @Involutus 😆

    I feel you.

    I'm the sole remaining dev (apart from two frontend contractors who don't know the stack), so the company is beholden to me. I'm about positive it would fold if I left; if not, it would be extremely expensive and difficult for them. Thus, the boss has been nicer, actually listens (well, stops arguing and concedes), and has randomly hinted I'm going to get a raise.

    I flat out told him I'm going to get a raise, stock benefits, autonomy, and a team of developers if I'm going to inherit this much responsibility. If that happens, I may stay long enough to teach someone else (stock doesn't expire!) and leave the mess to someone else. Though, if my team is decent, and we can actually clean up the trainwreck and make it nice to work on, I may stay longer. I'd still be dealing with idiot bossface, but for enough money that may actually be worthwhile 😊

    For not enough money, though? Nope nope nope
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