Every time I try to git init ,and push the code to github,
I always forget the cmds to do it!

Every freaking time ,I have to google.

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    I have sticky notes covering my monitor with git commands.
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    I know that feel man
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    The good news is that it's just the matter of practice
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    That happens to me fkr git flow. I have a post it note by my desk for it.
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    I myself quit, i just open browser upload, problem gone till next time
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    How do you upload folder!?

    I think ur the person who upload zip files to github
    Sorry being rude!
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    You’ll memorize it once u read the docs to each command. Also makes u realize what is actually happening
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    I use the desktop github tool, I don't have to remember commands 😎
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    I have a giant list of git commands in a text file inside the project I'm working on with comments. For making things easier, I have subversion analogs whenever possible since I know that well (eg, "git pull" is basically "svn update")
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    I have a section in my keepass called, "handy commands." It's filled with commands I easily forget from not using them very often. It's a lifesaver.
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    @thepra no, just no.
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    @Collie I need to do that..
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    I have sat and memorised, still couldn't help!
    I think some peculiar problem with me😔
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    Yeah I use that ,when I work with windows!
    I had a doubt ,how do u do git pull in GUI!?
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