I hate those microfucktards!!!!

I have a brand new usb flash with 125GB capacity and ~ 115GiB.

I wanted to install a bootable Windows 10 installation onto the flash and downloaded the fucking recommended windows 10 install tool from the ms fuckpage.

And? This dipshit of a "tool" created the windows installation and partitioned my flash into two partition's. One is 30GB and the other....

90 GB that is not assigned!!!! Fuck you.

I mean....why the hell does this stupid tool formats my flash to fat 32? And why there is no option to use exfat? I'd don't get it.

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    not all bios can boot exfat?
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    @gitcherry this is okay. But give me the fucking option to setup the partition's the way I like and not split up 32GB, where only 3Gb are used and a 90GB unassigned, unusable, trash. Now I need to format and create the partition's myself.
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    @LicensedCrime as far as I know NTFS is exclusive... exFat is readable through Ubuntu (i.e) 12.x too
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    NTFS is readable/writable on Linux as well.
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    Never tried NTFS on Ubuntu. Good to know. Ty
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    You could use Rufus to make a Windows on the go stick.
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