Our school encourages us to go to hackathons.
I want to but I don't have a laptop and don't want to be the absolute madman who brings his whole desktop.

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    Immediate respect for your school, honestly... I mean there is a so-called "hackathon" going on this year which might be nice which is organized by the current VLE company and the Île-de-France region but that's really great that your school is that progressive
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    Hahaha the last hackathon I attended, I joined up with random people and this guy brings in tower that requires two people to move (essentially a small crypto mining rig). It was pretty funny at the start, but then it soon became clear that beyond knowing all the specs he was just a useless pothead who compromised the whole team. That aside it was definitely one of the funniest hackathons I went to (no so much for those who went to achieve something and not just have a good time)
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