Being drunk I keep thinking I can't get back the years I didn't spend programming when I was 16-20. What do now? Want to do Web but all I know is a micro part of everything. I can make a demo in old Unity. I have shitty basic skills in Java, Python, Pascal, JS + React. Also basic UX, Adobe design programs like AI, PS and ID. Nothing proper, and home projects just don't seem to cut it. Irl bards can't get no work

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    I didn't write a lick of code until I was 20. I graduated 5 years ago and my pay is not bad, job is not bad, life is not bad, but that's mostly because MHWorld is waiting for me at home.
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    Python is great for when programming. Lots of people will want to only use common gateway interface, which is harder than using a framework, but can do anything. I recommend learning SQL, and a framework like Django.
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    It just takes time... Coding takes years to git good at, I've been going for 4 and I'm still a code pleb. Sink time into it and it'll pay off, you learn by doing and making.

    Perhaps pick a couple things to specialize in and read some books or some advanced projects? Just keep pushing yourself, don't get too comfy.

    Happy coding!
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    @SoulSkrix I suppose I'd prefer front end (I'm fairly visually triggered). Worked on a project last semester and realized making useful things show up at the right time and place is hella fun.

    Thanks for the constructive input btw, you guys make my day brighter 🔆
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