So much truth

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    I am person 2
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    Either will do, just as long as it's consistent throughout the code base.
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    Def prefer the 2nd one.
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    I enjoy both styles. My mind on a given day can prefer either one
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    And then there’s Python...

    (And other non bracketty programming languages)
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    Yeah im person 2 for sure!
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    2 FOR THE WIN! But seriously I hate when I Programm with my friend in Saros and he formats like the first and then goes to my code and formats that too 😫
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    @SteffTek it drives me nuts when folks do not maintain consistency
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    @dj-doMains here you go, take these ++ and get you an avatar :)
    welcome to devRant.
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    With methods and class definitions crowds might be divided with if statements it's pretty much always the latter
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    I think about every 3rd devrant post is about this image. Like an infinite loop.

    We awaiting the mighty what if you are a python developer question and all the regular things too.
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