Windows be like:

Source: Twitter.

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    This moment when Windows treats you like your girlfriend does...
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    I never experienced that.
    If you are too stupid to disable auto-restarts, it's your fault.
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    I agree + almost ALL apps now autosave. Windows 10 rants make me vomity because they are %99 horseshit. Windows doesn't reboot without giving you ample options to say no or change "restart hours". @filthyranter
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    Strange. It has never happened to me...
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    ..... Because it's never happened to anyone. @Agred
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    @filthyranter there is no way to disable auto-restart anymore (without messing with services/registry) ... The only thing you can do is set active hours in which it will not restart and hope for the best...
    PS: It is technically supposed to restore everything after restarting ... but I wouldn't trust Windows with recognising when I plug in the headphones let alone this...
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    @R3zz0R so your gf keeps restarting when your not around?
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    @vigidis you can do that without messing with the registry, just go to the group policy editor and look for the windows update stuff. You can disable automatic updates and a bunch of other stuff without any risks.

    (Doesn't make it any less shitty, but hey, at least there *is* a way around it, just hidden from plain sight)
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    @R3zz0R how do you update a girlfriend? Mine got a little bit outdated 😝
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    @aBrokenDonut I’m not the type of man who Updates his girlfriend, sometimes you have to completely change the entire system 😉
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    Pretty sure Twitter is not a source and this comic is provided by lolnein
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    @hjk101 i put source Twitter cause i found it there.
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    @kristofersoler source should be "the internet" than because that is just as descriptive...

    Sorry for hate on this one I know you mean well. I am just pissed off ever since news broadcasters treat social media spewings as noteworthy news.

    Windows 10 pushing the fall upgrade (that still has flaws by the way) makes this a fitting image and a nice find
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    @hjk101 don't worry :D. And you're right.

    Have a nice day man, and don't be angry.
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    Lots of trolls here, they thing that bring here windows home and s make sense... They're for home users, that don't know a lot about pc, this automatic updates are used to avoid disasters like wannacry, also windows try to alert you several times before force the reboot, remeber that windows has more than 90%market share, if this doesn't fit your needs use at least pro version, if you don't want to soend money switch to another os. I bet also for wannacry every body was blaming ms, not samba or the users or disabled updates, it feels cool right?
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    I've never had a single update prompt since I've first installed Win 10
    You only get them if you're dumb enough to delay the install of scheduled updates and ignore warnings for a long time
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    @Jop- Oh, there are several ways. Just not all the ways you see on Pro.
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    I have a development tool and when you open it, it checks for updates, if there's one available it'll close all instances of the program without prompting you to save your work.

    The worst part about this is, one of the more commonly used debug modes requires opening another instance of the program.

    Every Wednesday I just sit there spamming Ctrl+S at more frequent intervals than usual knowing what's coming. (At least they have a schedule I guess?)
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    @dontbeevil this is heresy, please guide this lost soul through the loving ways of MICROSOFT/Windows, or as I've recently taken to calling it, MICROSOFT plus Windows.
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    Running Windows in a VM these days.
    Still never happened, even with it being in background a lot.
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