Completely losing my shit over a 'class Predis\Autoloader already defined' error.

Just noticed that I already created the object five lines up

How fucking retarded am I?! I mean, I've been debugging this for a WHOLE FUCKING HOUR.

Let's just blame it on the alcohol 😅

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    Rewriting the security/privacy blog right now 😊
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    ofc the alcohol 😂👌
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    @linuxxx hoping to get a post of your personal safety measures 🤗
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    @jakobev which safety measures exactly? 😃
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    Keyword alcohol = ++
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    @linuxxx server & internet security. what are you using to protect yourself from malware, ransomware, Trojans, virus, attackers etc.

    what about using VPNs or use a self installed VPN server.
    Protection in ftp,sftp,cloud servers and so on
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    I love these 'unnecessary debugging for hours' rants. They confirm that I'm not stupid, or at least that I'm not the only stupid programmer.

    Let's keep up the stupidity rants.
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