I have a laptop which I bought for the sole purpose of gaming and I bought a hell lot of games off steam to startup.

But the problem here is I have to run those games on Windows (nvidia graphics card) and I only have a primary hdd and no ssd. Even though the ram and processor is up to speed due to high I/O on disk, I am not able to get a good performance out of it. To top it off random Windows processes hogging hdd in the background.

Any suggestions on what to do?

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    Is the os pre-installed?

    If it's win10, reset it, and search the net how to disable peer to peer on updates.
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    There's an application named CPUCores you can buy on Steam which constricts the operating system and other background processes to a single processor core, freeing up juice for your games.
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    I used a mechanical for a long time.....still do with certain games and I dont notice any major performance bottlenecks as far as fps goes except for the obvious scenarios of loading new stuff in on the occasion....I would do as suggested and reinstall Windows and make sure resource hogging services are disabled.
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