For a long time, I wanted to be a part of open source communities. I've been a dev for 6 years now.

I have the skills needed to help out but usually I'm fairly unexperienced on working with big teams, code reviews, and build-test systems they often use. So I'm scared as hell to even begin with. I feel unsecure to reach out and ask for helping or send a basic fix / pull-request.

What are your suggestions, how did you start working on open source projects?

Teach me senpai.

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    Find a small project (make it tiny - maximum 4 devs) - look at the collabs section on here as a good place to find them. Then. Try to add a small feature and submit a pull request. Most devs will be extremely grateful if you help them out - no matter how small.
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    @torvim Me and @gianlu have been working on a PretendYoureXyzzy fork to make it tolerable + using material design.

    It's my first time pair programming. I feel incompetent most of the time because I hardly have time to work on it, but I contribute docs and comments when possible.
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    Thanks for the suggestions.
    Yeah I think I need to start with a "small team project" and practice contributing as much as possible to get more confident on open source projects.
    I'm checking out the collabs page now.
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