do you code inside your brain/dreams? is that effective work for you? how?

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    Usually bug hunting, especially complex timing issues are best fixed when half asleep for some reason.
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    yeah, I wake up in the middle of the night with the solution to my task and thinking "i'm an idiot why i have not tried this before!?!"
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    Nope, like most dreams, mine doesn't make any sense. I find it easier to strategize afk (especially during a walk)
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    @7root You lucky motherfucker
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    @MaxDeepfield I can't dream in code; computers are unresponsive in my dreams. However, I debug in my mind with pseudo code and flowcharts.
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    @JohnScott you can improve that. more dreams - more control (see lucid dreams). about coding in mind... its more architecture question, i think, i cant really code "there"
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