Having a hard time deciphering if I just happen to encounter a lot of really smart people in my day to day life or if I'm just a mediocre developer. It'd be cool if I was really "passionate" about CS, but in all honesty it's just to pay the bills. I don't hate it, I like feeling like I know stuff and being techy, but it's not my dream to sit crouched infront of a screen and do logic puzzles all day either. I do envy people that turned their passions into profit. I wasn't comfortable taking the risk with that though, so now I feel like I'm just kinda stuck in between a mediocre developer and a person who eats / sleeps / breathes CS knowledge. It's not the worst place to be but it is a little disappointing sometimes. I just hope I start making enough money soon to really afford the things in life I am passionate about.

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    @irene lol i guess. I like sleeping and driving fast cars and coffee and video games. The adult side of me likes gardening. Not much besides that, though.
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    @irene I'm sure you got something you at least like :P besides, passion is a distraction. People are passionate because it gives them a feeling of prosperity and purpose in an otherwise meaningless world. If that's not your jam, nothing wrong with that either.
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