Iwas exposed to the world of computers when Iwas 6 years old. My dad bought a used C64 and me and my sisters were allowed to play some times. Later my father bought a PC with incredible 166MHz and I was allowed to play on it some times too. Started with tomb raider and when my parents weren't home Delta Force One. Later my father bought a newer model with 450 MHz and I got the old one. At this time he bought a 20GB HDD for me so I can get some more games on my computer. Then the internet came. My father booked ISDN and it was super fast. Since then I loved the world of IT and never stopped to. Later I played around 20000h of Counterstrike Source and came in contact with web development. I started to program with my first love: Java.
Now I love ruby, ts (js), Delphi and sometimes c#

next up is Clojure

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