Just found nice coffee heater on my desk

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    You can throw Windows 10 on it as use it as a basic mediacenter with VLC and shit...@dontbeevil
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    yay Mac mini
    I have the 2012, the last computer Apple ever made that can be upgraded (RAM/HDD). I think it's basically the same thing as baseline 2012 MacBook Pro. Not amazing but I mean, Mac mini is the least expensive computer Apple sells..
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    When you try to tell your boss about an industry standard tool such as rsync and he's like "nah, bruh, use xcopy cuz I don't trust that *nix stuff"
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    @antic when you write a rant and realize you posted it as a comment to someone else's rant
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    My MacBook runs Windows 10 exclusively and the latest Bootcamp 6.1 drivers are old but work well (especially on these old boxes) . @dontbeevil
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    Who is “Ty” and is he happy you’ve published his picture?
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    My AMD Graphics card does that for me
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    How can Mac mini generate so much hate?😱
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