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That one time my brother received a call from some Indian dude that "worked" for Microsoft, who was alerting him about a "virus".

My brother (who was in his mid teens at the time) downloaded a program that the guy linked him to, and consciously installed it to allow the dude to take over his computer. Then, with full power over the computer, guy started doing shady stuff and offered him a one year protection for $99.

Thank God mom knew what was up when he asked for her credit card info...


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    I would expect everyone would know this scam by now.
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    @Bobj2008 "Right?! Who would fall for that...
    By the way, could you give me back your personal information again? I lost the email with them and need to renew our protection. Thanks, mate!"
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    @Jilano btw, you have a wirus on you vandroid fone.
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    @Bobj2008 "Oh nuuuh! Will you help me? What do you need?!"
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    @Jilano Apparently full access to the device and credit hard details...

    Maybe that's step two of troubleshooting, beneath turning it off and on again?
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    @Jilano "I'll need Bitcoin... Send all the bitcoin that is worth all you money in swavings "
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    When my parents got that call they gave me the phone. I had never seen the Windows log they told me about, but it was obvious that the things there were normal, so I politely declined to go further. I also declined to tell him we had dialup internet with one phone line so it was impossible for his plan to succeed anyway.
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    @nanoandrew4 I think we're onto something here. Need to go deeper!

    @Bobj2008 "Of course! I don't have much, only 1,234 BTC lying around, though."
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    @Jilano "congratulations! You won a free cruise to the Bahamas, just send us bitcoins to confirm it actually you! Also your personal address, and oh don't forget your phone number"
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