So, I'm a Portuguese dude. I have my OS's in English language and Portuguese keyboard. Today, I spent 30 min raging at my computer because I couldn't login. I tried like all my 865725428 passwords (fake number, in case u don't get it) and still couldn't access it. Then I fucking looked and remembered Windows is an asshole and changed my keyboard input to English, so all my symbols were changed. Fuck you Windows, Linux never did this to me. Y the fuck would u? Do u like to fucking make me waste my precious time? Go and fuck yourself with a 35'' CAT-5E cable you prick.

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    @oo92 who's Cristiano? 😂
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    @oo92 oh you're talking about football or soccer or wtv. I don't really watch it. But I got curious now, what does he do with his surrogates? Changes their keyboard language or fuck them with a CAT-5E cable? 😂
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    @oo92 he's a playboy then? 😂😂
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    Buy a english mechanical keyboard on amazon. You will find out that the English layout is way better for programming.

    Percebo a tua dor companheiro
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    @searchindex oh wow, never really thought about that.
    Vou fazer isso então :)
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    *autismo intensifica-se*
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    @0xcmf oh and another one 😂
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    Keyboard language change is mapped to CTRL+SHIFT so as a programmer you're fucked
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    It happens sometimes when you use remote desktop
    Porquê categoria 5E especificamente? 😀
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    @nbamaral foi a primeira coisa que me veio a cabeça 😂
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    This is the worst thing! I want to write in my fucking native language you dumbass!!
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