Why the fuck are Indian software companies under the impression that interns are just junior developers that you are legally allowed to fuck over with shit/no pay. Internships are supposed to be about learning and growth. Every fucking company I apply for has some bullshit bi polar disorder because their requirements state one thing and they ask you other bullshit on the phone or at the interview.

How the fuck do you expect a college student to know React, Django, AWS, Angular, D3, Scala, iOS and whatever buzzword you assholes noticed were trending on quora?

And for fucks sake don't waste my time to call me and ask if I'd be available full time if I mentioned I can only intern part time.

WTF is wrong with these people.

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    Some places are like that in the US too, but generally larger companies are better about it. I'm sure there's different cultural norms behind the software industries in the US and India, but surely it's not like that everywhere?
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    Just keep telling them you'll know what they pay you to know...and then drone on about web scaling and Bitcoin.
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    @vlatkozelka wise words. Dive in head first is my way
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    @jAsE in germany you usually go through a 2.5-3.5 years internship but get paid a small amount (to cover expenses and stuff)
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    @pacohojaverde @vlatkozelka This is what I've been doing but at every interview I attend, they ask for a completely different set of requirements.
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    @Bl00D4NGEL yeah but that is really the problem here people get desperate and accept to work for minimum wage.
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