Just curious with you all, what do you like to do besides coding but still count as productive?

Me, I make Music and Designs in my free time, even joined a music group at campus

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    Well I'm a Linux engineer professionally but next to that as well, I am orientating on music production so listening to loads and loads of music :)
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    @linuxxx oh nice! thats awesome
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    @dotPy Yas! Although I've got to say, people who hardly know anything about my fav genre always tell it should be very easy to produce so I started to believe that. Been doing some digging and this stuff is so hard 😅
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    @linuxxx i mostly get into playing as a band/ musical group, i love it
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    I play league of legends sometimes... kinda workaholic, so cant really figure out what to do with myself if i dont have work xD
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    Okay playing lol doesn't count as productive.... just realized
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    Before beimg the workaholic that i am now, i used to study other stuff. Mostly astrophysics and neuroscience
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    The only other "productive" thing I do is [build and] race rally cars.
    Well, I'm currently tuning my car a bit to do some rallycross, but my goal is to run some stage rallies when I have the money to build a cage and rework the suspension.
    Also working on an old sports car that I'm gonna do some autocross and club races with.
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