Yesterday evening I'd been to Lenovo service center to get a battery for my personal laptop.

Sales guy: Sir, I can see that your laptop had Windows 8 when you purchased it. If you want I can give you a one key recovery disc for that.

Me: Thanks a lot sir, but I run Ubuntu on my laptop. And if you are insisting, I can take that recovery media and install it on my uncle's laptop.

Sales guy: I'll get back to you on this.

*End of conversation* 😂

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    Pretty much the same thing happened to me , I installed fedora in my sister's laptop and just wanted to change the HDD because it had too many bad sectors, they called Fedora some Chinese OS
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    @IshYume ha ha ha 😂 hilarious!!
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    Some time ago my gf (now wf) had a really slow laptop (core 2 duo, 2GB RAM, win 8) with a faulty hdd, so we switched to elementaryOS to get some speed out of it. Still HDD was a problem, so it went back to the dealer. It returned back with a new HDD and a report: "Faulty HDD, non-functional OS"
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    Why are u using the Chinese windows 😂 /s
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    @TomRiddle is there a Chinese version of windows?? 😂
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    @EmptyStack Given u r from India i thought u wud understand my reference. Some shopkeepers call linux as Chinese(duplicate/farji) windows 😂
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