Since everybody's doing it, I might as well join the yay as well — this is my setup at work!

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    May I know the editor name and theme!?

    I use Atom and one dark theme !

    * I told mine , tell urs!😂 *
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    @Nawap I'm using WebStorm with a port of a Sublime Material Design theme for JetBrains IDEs: https://github.com/ChrisRM/...

    It offers both UI theming with a lot of customisation and a few editor color schemes (e.g light, dark, darker) and plays well with other themes like Darcula...
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    @kgbemployee I guess it should... The README has this to say:
    IDEs versions 2016.X and lower > up until version 0.2.3
    IDEs versions 2017.1-2 > up until version 0.10.6
    IDEs versions 2017.3 > All versions
    Android Studio 2.2.3 > up until version 0.2.3
    Android Studio 3.0.0+ > All versions
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    Sometimes i dont undersrand how people can remain with a clean desk -_-
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    @Santaclauze: what @kgbemployee said, with a side of "you can't see the bookcase behind me ;)
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    I love the Material UI Plugin for all Jetbrains Products I have it on every Product because i don't like the normal Design
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