As a person who has a problem with authority (in group projects, not the law), I never really understood the need for the boss until I started making a game with a few friends.

I'm not just taking about noone actually doing anything other than throwing ideas ifbthey bothered to show up at all, but...and this is the worst of all, whenever we came to a mechanic that we all agreed upon, everyone had their own vision for it, that they defended like it's their firstborn. For two months we accomplished nothing, other than a few half baked ideas.

It wasn't until we "promoted" one of us to a "boss" status, that people actually started working.

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    when you want to be a game dev there are two things i noticed:
    0: start with a small idea and make everything yourself, you’ll get enough experience and if you publish your small projects you might actually get nice profits that you can use for :
    1: hire people, they will actually do shit if you pay them.

    but i’m glad to hear that what you guys did made things work!
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    @kimailis well played sir, well played
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