Starting to get into intricacies of javascript.

Question was: when and why do you bind your functions?

Farking hell, no wonder people bitch about javascript.

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    Its not that complicated. But ive been coding for 2 years now and went from not knowing html and css to helping build a back office in react with java backend.

    Im using react-redux, redux-form, redux-saga,unit testing and all that shit. My mate is constantly pushing me to the next level. So when i actually start understanding and grasping those subtelties, im like wtf?!

    No wonder they were things that seemed crazy to me. But i deal like i leveld up just because i wonder about those questions and discover some very minute shit!!!
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    Check out this shit. Even my IDE is telling me my code has leveld up:

    Sign of overly clever code.

    Fuck i feel smart today!!!
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    If i could i would ++ myself right now
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