I have passed 3 interview levels including the coding test for a big telecoms company. After 2 weeks i get a 15 minute phone-interview in which I answered all the tech questions correctly and yesterday I received an email saying my application was unsuccessful. WTF...literally.

I even said I was Bi-sexual in case they wanted diversity :D

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    Hrm, I think these days you have to be a Navajo transgender female without legs to get a job.

    That's life.
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    Most jobs tend to be who you know, rather than what you know.

    I'm reminded of someone I know who applied for a job, with 80 years experience, and they gave it to someone else.

    What, someone with 81 years experience turned up !

    I have heard of a magical place though where if you move there, jobs just fall out of the sky..

    Kinda like Lost..
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