Tried javascript coming from Java and C++, i know not a lot of people agree with me but holy fucking shit i hate non-typed variables they introduce so much ambiguity it drives me insane!!!

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    I share the same feelings. I don't understand how people like languages like python, JS and ruby so much.
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    "You know, strikes and gutters, ups and downs..."
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    Try TypeScript then. It's literally JavaScript with types :P
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    Typescript is going to make your life a lot easier again
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    I had to use python for my college lab and man did I hate the same thing - how do I know the type? Everything is just a var.
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    @chaddhag you just have to make all the typechecking at runtime 🙃
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    @Krokoklemme Well thankfully I learned enough python to complete my lab. I love python, but not for this.
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    @NOOB4LIFE Ruby makes it very easy to make sure the variable is the correct type though.
    The whole language is covered in sugar.
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    The only type system I've found pleasant to work with is Elm, which is sort of like haskell's, but less versatile.

    Java feels like a pain in the ass in every possible way
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