When planning a side project how do you decide what language/framework/whatever to use.

I have an idea for a web app that I want to build, but I just can’t decide what to build it with.

At the moment I’m leaning towards rails, but that’s because it’s probably the thing I’m least bad at.

There aren’t really any technical considerations, as it’s basically a system to record details of football matches I referee.

I can’t decide whether to stick with what I know and use it to build knowledge/experience or to use it as a vehicle to learn something totally new.

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    If it's personal project I'd go with the language that I really need to learn and not with the one that I better have an idea about cuz I MIGHT need it. For example I made a tiny website in nodejs for web service and react just o learn both as I need them for the future, and did not go with for example c# as I'm best in, or with f# cuz I want to know about functional programming
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    I tried rails once but I don’t really like it. Go is *really* good for web apps, even without any external libraries (and it’s faster than ruby)
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    @gitpush that makes sense, learning something I need to know rather than learning something I might need to know.

    That would make it ASP.Net, which isn’t a bad fit for what I want to do. The downside is my PC at home runs Debian, but I have been meaning to set up a Windows VM.
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    @zarathustra you can do Asl.Net Core, almost same thing and runs on Debian
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    @gitpush yeah, I’ve had a look at ASP.Net core.

    It wasn’t something I considered for this, but makes sense, I’m mainly an SQL guy at work but they want me to help with some of their apps and apis etc so sharpening up my skills in that area would make sense.
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    @zarathustra exactly, best of luck in doing so my man 😀😀
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