There is this service that I want to use (wont name it for privacy/legal reasons) and I have created a trial account which gives me a limited access to their apis. However the usage is where things are interesting.
The api access is restricted to some 1000 calls per trial account. But also they have a explorer option which lets to have the functionality as a web app like a dashboard and the explorer usage has unlimited access.

Now since I didnt want to exhaust my api limit, I let my service call the explorer apis instead. Is this ethically wrong or it is the fault of the service providers that they have such a big gaping hole in their licensing?

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    A little bit of both I think. 🤔
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    @iD8383 exactly my dilemma
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    100% their fault for being so stupid.
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    @Xaldos Cannot risk it because if they dont and close this backdoor too, I am doomed. Also it makes me wonder if they did this intentionally because their pricing is also quite high and is quite a sophisticated service. They have all kinds of rate limits on the apis but none on the explorer.

    Probably to sort out the pros from the n00bs.
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    Don't worry about it, who cares. It's not like you're taking candy away from a child, it's a company, they'll live. Besides if your not willing to pay for the service anyway then you macgyvering their API is better than you not using it at all. At least you'll bring some publicity to them
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    Regardless of their security... Ethically wrong. "This is why we can't have nice things." If someone locks their front door but leaves a window open, is it ok to rob them? If a woman wears a nice dress, is it ok to take advantage of her?
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    Is it ok take advantage of dress by putting on ...... woman?
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    @datawraith If you are charging a shit load of money for entering your house from the front door and still you leave your window open, its totally your fault.

    And the woman-dress analogy does not make sense at all in this context.
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