A question I ask my self every week: Why - with caps lock on is still - and not _
Especially annoying when I write things like this KEY_JSON.
Didn't find anything on Google yet :/

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    Because it's CAPS lock. Caps stands for Capital(s) referring to Capital LETTERS only. Is - a letter?

    CAPS lock shouldn't even exist. It's only a waste of time for people who try to enter their password with that thing on.
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    @AndSoWeCode press caps then #
    See * not # is # a letter ?
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    I now typed every single non-letter symbol on my keyboard with CAPS on, and then with CAPS off.
    Enlighten me! What is the difference?

    Look, you might have some sort of weird (pronounced "wrong") keyboard layout, which does some other magic. If you really want _ with CAPS, you might as well just edit your keyboard layout to your liking.
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    using german layout :)
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    @noogli ewww.
    That's why I hate German layout. () not in their proper place, and most symbols related to development have to be accessed via Alt.

    I'll make my own layout for German.
    Alt+s = ß,
    Alt+o = ö
    Alt+u = ü
    and so on. For é and è I'll dedicate a separate button for the accents and that's it.
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    Caps lock is not always-on Shift, it just capitalizes characters.
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    If you want Shift-Lock functionality, you can check out the C64.
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