Hello there!

For the last months I only was a silent reader. As I configured my .zshrc, I thought I could combine my first post with the result of my work. Didn't thought, I could invest that much time in something like this...

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    I hope you share your . files
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    Welcomeeeeees veeeeeery muchies!
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    @thermodose It's based on Powerlevel9k. Linux-Colors with an edited blue (Color 5).
    Nothing really special but I like it that simple. I spent the most time with finding a nice patched font, which doesn't have gaps between the icons.
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    Looks great. For your next project, fix your print screen button!
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    @datablitz7 It was late. 😅
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    I have tried, but I cannot seem to like two line prompts, it feels like a wasted line in my terminal. I much prefer having the path shorter (like ~/•••/BestProjectEvah).
    Also, I use liquidprompt, which shows scm status, last commands exit code, etc in a very nice way.
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