Ultimate gaming laptop doesn't exis....

credits : r/pcmasterrace

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    -High quality plastic material for long term use
    - 17.3" ultrs IPS TN display 6K resolution 144hz
    -Best mechanical keyboard
    -RGB zone lighting
    - AMD Threadripper 1900x 16 core CPU
    -64 BG 2800 Mhz RAM
    - Nvidia GTX 1180 Volta GPU 12gb DDR5x
    -2TB M.2 NVMe SSD x 2 Super Raid 4
    - 2TB SSD x1
    -USB3 x 4
    USB Type C x 2
    -6 fan cooling system

    You can search on Facebook. there's lots of posts about it.
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    Wait, that this is for real? I though it was an actual (bad) chinese knockoff of the Alienwares one but with shitty specs
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    >AMD Threadripper 1900x
    that cpu is a fucking Desktop one
    What fucking batteries use to power this madhouse? Fucking Li-On Tesla ones?

    >GTX 1180
    This shit is not even released yet
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    Dont know what it is...
    you can search on facebook. there are lots of posts and even directX config pics too.
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    China All The Time
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    I've bet it uses little nuclear fusion reactors in the batteries to power this monster.
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