Didn't realize cut and paste is so difficult in mac

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    How is that difficult? Its exactly the same shit in the trackpad and the same shit with the keyboard with the only difference being that you don't use the ctrl on mac. Htf is that hard?
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    @d3vnu11 is that a copy and paste?
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    @kenpeter it is, but change cmd c for cmd x and that is cut, cmd v is paste.
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    I am not sure what are you talking about 🤔
    CMD+X cut
    CMD+C Copy
    CMD+V paste
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    You can't cut and paste files in macOS. Apple engineers haven't figured this one yet.
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    @NGPixel you can move files -> CMD+SHIFT+V after copying will do it
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    @Hallelouia you're right.
    That being said, Mac finder doesn't follow the same rules as every other conceivable program. Because it's just that special.
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