I am tired of my idiot ‘friends’ asking me if I can hack Facebook Instagram etc. because some other idiot made them mad. Like fuck no. 1 it’s unethical as hell 2 it’s illegal I don’t want to go to jail. 3 I’m learning cyber security NOT hack stuff because someone hurt your useless feelings.

Ohhh and they always get pissed off when I explain everything wrong with their idiotic request

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    You forgot 4: you can't.
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    Implying that you could "hack" the accounts of a multimillion dollar company is a pretty outrageous thing to do.

    Yes you learn security... good for you.
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    Lul, then you have to see some of my "friend" on my friend list, who claim that they can "hack" other people account, while actually they just use the mass report technique to make one's account get suspended
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    @Braed If I would find myself in a situation that I had to get to another persons account I would never even try to hack the platform. I would try to hack the person.

    Social engineering, phising, get access to his devices and/or home network.

    It would be very time consuming but that's usually the only way to go about it when talking about these huge platforms.

    People who ask these questions have seen too many movies 🤣
    "We need more firewalls!"
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    @R5on11c I wasn’t trying to imply that at all. I was mostly annoyed with my friends at the time
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    @Braed that’s should be #0. Before all the other ones. Lol
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    @Prostration I completely agree! The easiest method is probably phishing but people who think you can "hack" Facebook (how lmao? Sql injection? 😂) have seen too many movies...
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    @jester5537 it was just a little weird reading the text as if you implied yourself to be able to do that.

    Yes most devs have this problem. Mostly it's just "So ... you program stuff for a living? Can you make a website for me?".

    The biggest security issue is and will always be humans. Some secretaries and help desks will give you ridiculous information when you ask the right question the right way.
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    @R5on11c I think you need to read up a bit on Equifax, a multimillion dollar company which got massively hacked ☺
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    @arekxv a Company that big and it seems they don't have a good open source policy 🤣 They should really monitor their open source either programmaticly or by a team.

    Well lesson learned at the cost of american peoples private information.

    I wonder if someone in charge thought that "not our fault" when it was a vulnerable open source library/program.

    It's 2018 god damn it. Oh it was 2017 back then.
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