No wonder my team is so pleased with my work... Person I replaced seemed to have issues...

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    I made a git serverside update hook which refuses any branch with the word todo appearing in the diff — and shouts back rude messages.
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    @bittersweet dude can I have a copy if that hook?
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    @bittersweet Opensource it! :)
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    @bittersweet dude. serously post it. I need that
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    @dougheeren @Christian1998 @PerfectAsshole

    Open source it? You already have it! Just check the .git/hooks/update.sample file, it contains a whole bunch of server side checks you can turn on/off.
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    @bittersweet didn't see anything that looked for TODO. but fine
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    @bittersweet it isn't in my sample either.
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    @PerfectAsshole @dougheeren Pfff lazy copy paste devs, just throw a git diff and a grep in there. 🤣
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    @bittersweet not even. You made it sound cool.
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    Just wait until you discover why he was so wasted all the time. The company might break your soul too.
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    @deusprogrammer I ain't got no soul. So it wouldn't matter.
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    What a lush! I mean, when I'm to wasted I just save it for the next day 😂
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    @rtannerf I understand he was a junior dev, and this wasn't before leaving for the evening, but leaving the company (name blocked out).

    Aka, just a complete wanker. 😒
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    At a first view, I would say the last guy was not a good partner. But just with a better context / understanding of the situation to really know the problem.

    When a company asks too much (you have to work late almost every day, pressure to work etc) they have, at least, to compensate it in other ways. I have no idea how things work there.

    Maybe his attitude was just a last month of work thing. Maybe a boss didn't like him and he was at his limit. Maybe the company tried to help, but he was like that since the very first day.

    Only you will be able to understand that.

    Anyway, it really sucks to find this kind of thing. I just accept it at the begging of the project, when you have too many things on your head at same time and nothing done yet.
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