I just can't stand that dumb senior. Everytime one tries to change the size of the window, all the data from the quite lengthy form is lost. Ofc he will not fix that. How is that even possible? Wtf?
I would not give a damn if I did not have to fill these forms.

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    save all values in the form to seperate variables everytime they change.
    If the size is changed:

    function formSizeChanged() {
    nameField = subNameField;
    Not difficult at all.
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    @filthyranter if only I had an access to that. He is from a different project an has a very shitty approach to any criticism.
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    Is it a hard coded form or a web form? If it is, then you could add your own script to do the job. That's what I do with login forms for public WLAN access and the like.
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    Give his boss a demonstration.
    It'll get fixed.
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