So the fibre cable at the office broke. A 70mo download is estimated to end in 3 hours. Please end this agony 💀

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    I woke up at noon and decided to a beer instead of coffee.

    The view overlookin the Black Sea from my hotel room is brilliant.

    The sun is out.

    The hotel's wifi doesn't work at all and I have to tether my laptop from my tablet but my tablet's battery lasts about an hour.

    Without my tablet I can't gloat on Facebook about my imminent drunken IKEA shopping trip.

    Stay strong.
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    @intromatt first world but so relatable problem, stay strong too 😣
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    Wait, you had 70 month download? Why not just mail it on a hard drive?
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    @DuckyMcDuckFace Honestly for a git pull it would be faster to go directly inside the Github database and take what I need
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    @Zezura I asked for my afternoon off because even though I have internet, it's so slow that the functional tests can't be done because the website I have to test is too slow to load :D
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