Both Password and repeat password had the same typo! :(

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    Had this happen to me too, luckily there was a password recovery form 😎
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    Been there :(
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    I feel you bro... Had this once on my old study laptop with the Windows login password. No backup system in place. After pulling my hair out for an hour I had the brilliant idea I might have made the same typo twice while changing and confirming the new password. Since it had to be an easy typo, I tried the most difficult key combinations in the password. I think it was a Shift key being held while it should have been released on the next key stroke. What a horrific victory it was when I finally got back in.
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    Yup sounds like me
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    I was wondering how this can happen when i first saw this and just after seeing this, in some hours I did this!
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    Did this on origin, but with email. Bought fast a game and didn't even realise it to that point, fortunately there is no mandatory account confirmation to do.
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    FYI, happens mostly because I have a mechanical keyboard (: SpeedFX ftw though
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    *The new password can't be the same as the old password*
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    A moment of silence please.
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