Anybody watches starcraft2 games??? You see Scarlett destroy SoS?

She should be in my daughters women role models. She just destroyed the best player in the world.

We need more chick gamers!!!!

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    @irene how??? Im vastly impressed. Ive been watching her for about a year and she was food then but noe she is a monster.

    Let alone she destroyed the korean super star. No other country comes remotely close to what she achieved and she is also the only chick in the competition.

    She could have created a revolution in korea, no shit!
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    Why is it sexist? I want more girls to play video games. I find that sexy !
    And yes that does mean i point out to a lack of women in the field that have high skills. Therefor she is a rolemodlel and therefor i admire her.

    You`re creating sexism thinking im sexist!!!! And thats what we call the `coup de grace` @irene
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    @irene well there is a difference in ratio. That doesnt mesn that i point out to the fact that some are more capable than others. On the contrary, she showed every one that she was capable by not only smashing a dude (if ee dear enter in that realm) but most importantly a Korean which is a first in the history of sc2 and one of the best players protoss in the world and that has been for now many years.
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    Would you call sexist all those that would have praised clinton as first president?

    Its think its awesome because no women has ever won any of thses tournaments and that probably is the case because society has deemed them less capable. By pointing this out it fights against the stereotype.

    If i saw more women play at this level i probably would not see a difference between a booby player and a dicky player no, but sadly enough, as of today its not the case. @irene
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    @Santaclauze If you had just cut out the last sentence of yor initial rant, you would've been fine. Calling female gamers for 'chicks', makes it sexist. (mainly because you're male, but that's another debate)

    "I want more girls to play video games. I find that sexy" doesn't make your case any better and I hope you can see that.

    "no woman has ever won any of these tournaments"
    "By pointing this out it fights againt the steriotype"
    I get why you think that, but pointing out that she's a woman kinda makes it sexist.
    It's like saying 'she's a great gamer ... for a woman'.

    I know that's not what you're saying but it can be interpreted like that.

    Sexism is not an easy subject and I'm nowhere near an expert. But I think you can gain alot from trying to see things from other perspectives.

    (also note that I assumed your gender in the previous parenthesis, I guess I'm a bit sexist myself)
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    @8R90 meh, i studied feminism at uni. My partner is a strong advocate of it and i respect it very much. However,my understanding eas that males were the norm, which needs to be cha ged hence i agree with changing habits with terms such as saying human kind rather than mankind.
    However, what ever we say, and i can link another comment of mine kf this whole onion thingy of us being multiple layers, if i distinguish some one for being female because she is.the minority (in this case thw only one) in a groupe and undrrline her achievement in an area where females are not as present, i believe that its only as a refernece and an conservation of a situation. Sexism orginiated because we made one a standard or reduced one to less or believed the were less capable.
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    Making this a sexist thing is that “too much political correctness” that hinders the real message. So i stand by my point and if some wish to see something else thats fine by me. I know where my intentions came from.
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    Also having preferences of what the opposite sex has as activities is on no way sexist.
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    @irene @8R90 you guys are the worst. And @Santaclauze don't worry about them they're obvious retards or trolls.

    Alright i feel like signing up just to say this was totally worth it.
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    Found out shes a transgender. Wont write any more. Dont want to be judged ☺️
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    Im fine with having a debate to be honest. I just feel that sometimes people have pushed concepts too far and attempt to create a vacuum around a topic or isolate one aspect of something so much that it actually feels unreal. Yes people should be judged on certain aspects and not others but in some situation its hard not to highlight differences even though they are unrelated to skills but yet are present las a standard.

    Also i dont really care for transgenderism. Its existed around the world for a very looong time. I struggle with how its discussed and imposed though sometimes.
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    @Jop- yes i believe that sexism at times is mentionned and only actually increases divide and is used as a “burn the witch” statement. Its a trend that has been growing for about 60 years now and in various forms. They don't event all agree. What is sexist for one feminist movement is less or more for another one.

    I mean there are so many examples. Look at pole dancing or balai. When men do it, they do acquire a certain status because in numbers they are a clear minority. Ao when you see some one that seems to defy the odds it always and should create interest.

    Its actually sad because in the end feminism or humanism(because while the fight and struggles are real) its not the matter of one group but of all society being confronted with a problem.
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    @irene but then why label something with a pejorative meaning when you can celebrate them. What i meant to do was to celebrate the acheivement of a non standard situation that highlights the qualities those who are not believed to be able to achieve such a level.

    Sexism equality and equanimity are complicated topics that dig deep into human society and psychy, unfortunately todays chaos and rivalry has pushed certain topics too far and we forget the simplicity of the message.

    Its the same for culutral appropriation. Sometimes its not okay but other times its a celebration and both should not be treated as the same ptherwise the divide will only grow and further harm will ensue!!!!
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    I have a simple rule of thump, when trying to define if something is sexist. Your create a new hypothetical situation. You reverse the genders, and the norms and statistics too, regarding the genders. Is the situation or statement still seen as sexist? And if the reverse can be considered sexist in some way, would be actually bother or offend the hypothetical reversed-gendered victim rather than some outside watcher ? (cause so often some people tend to get offended in place of those they theorise as victims, even if the said hypothetical victims view the situation in a completely different way). Whatever conclusions you reach, those apply to the original situation too.
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    @Teabagging4Life that can work on most cases but it fails to takr into account certain aspects.

    Cultural and social. Whats sexist in one place may not be in another or vis versa. Moreover what was sexist at one point in time may not be in another, and that can change in the matter of one generation or less.

    Also, there are intrinsic differences between men and women based on an evolutionary process which is hundrer of thousand years old. Now that doesnt mean that it fits all, of course we are speaking of the average and therefor the majority not every one.
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    @Santaclauze Ah what I wrote is by no means directed towards what you said. I just mentioned it as it is relative to the topic. And because it mostly helps me logically debunk irrational sexism accusations, which ironically are often heavily sexist in the assumptions they follow. If the accusation is irrelevant with reversed roles, then it is biased - and thus sexist itself.
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    @irene yeah i agree with you on that point, however, and i swear im not being racist here. The fact that a foreigner (as named in the starcraft 2 world) beat a korean (or should i use the word destroyed) in itself is already an amazing thing. Im right now still watching her games and she is destroying the korean top players like nobody has before.

    As for the rest, i probably just hoped that socially constructed standards would not consider women to be less skilled at computer games so we could have a more ewual ratio. You know, a bit like how swedish people all go naked together both male and female to their spas.
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