After having my soul suck away by "corporate", I installed VS code on my Windows 10 gaming machine.

Now, I have a pretty hardcore dev setup on my MacOS (it's unix-based and it's good, so stop the hate). I'm talking about fully automatized Rakefile that will provision it from scratch: vim, macvim, tmux, iterm configs, 15+ brew tools, 15+ brew-cask tools, themes, plugins, etc.

Installing VS Code, Node and MongoDB on Windows, just for the fun and giggles, and not having any of my hardcore tools, made me feel like... it's something silly and fun again. I'm once again that softcore developer with no stress and no constant self-reminder to improve workflow effectiveness.

Made me a little happy.

Checkout this picture, this is my Windows 10's "tmux" lol

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    > Hardcore dev setup
    > vim, macvim (lolwhut), tmux, iterm configs
    > Hardcore tools
    > Softcore developer

    You need to calm down. You're just throwing out random dev tools you installed.

    Also from the sound of it you probably didn't even properly set up vim or even installed nerdfonts...
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    bro, I've dotfiles that I've been improving over the course of 2 years. But cool, if your comment diminishing other people work makes you feel better about you, go ahead. Good luck in life.
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    It’s not Unix based - it’s Unix-like
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