Sometimes the pebkac is so strong it continues to amaze me.

Step 1: customer updates pos software
Step 2: customer is presented a perfectly reasonable UAC screen with yes/no choice
Step 3: customer panics and takes no further action
Step 4: a few hours later the first customer enters the store and more panic ensues as the update is still waiting on the uac
Step 5: the customer calls us in panic and acuses us of writing shut incomprehensible software

Wish this was an once in a year exception, untill we wrote a bypass for the whole uac crap this was a daily occurance.

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    It is interesting to see how a neophyte user loses all of his brain power whenever he's confronted by an unexpected window. Like you said, even if it's a "yes/no" question, they will simply not read and complain.

    Never understood why.

    PS: Good luck with the next ones
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    What does the question say? How is it formulated?
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    @XYZJR just the default windows uac popup with our name and brand specified.
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    You wanna update?

    "OMG WHAT DO I DO?!?!"

    You cannot explain what is going on in a customer's brain
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