Every time I see the letters "IT" in people's rants, I get confused because I'm thinking about the movie...

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    Me too. And i am 27 and have known the difference since Tim Curry put own the costume.
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    The movie??

    Everyone always thinks about the movie what but about the book?

    The book is 2x better than the movie. The original movie was okay, and the newer one absolutely sucks.

    Nothing will beat the book tho.
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    @Michelle I guess I'll try the book then, thanks for the tip (it's mainly because the movie is new right now)
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    Sorry, I always get too passionate about books. I just read my comment and it sounded rude, even though it wasn't supposed to be.

    The book is 1,500 pages long, but it's really good and you learn more about the characters than you do in the movie.
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