🔐How can a manufacturer(Netgear) not allow changing username of the admin user???🔥

That effectively lets anyone bruteforce the damn thing like its being grilled on a BBQ!

Yet they implement remote access router management via 8080 and alley you set up VPN server on the incapable thing.

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    Mate, don't use their VPN server on their routers.
    It is password-less and you can't change any of the VPN security. Its basically open your network to the public.
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    Not for all of their routers though. I've got a netgear wnr3500 and i can set everything myself :)
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    Install open-wrt. 😁
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    Remote management on routers are stupid. Doesn't matter if you change your password/username.
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    @olback it has a full admin interface, just like on the internal network - helps a lot sometimes.
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    @vrvksk as I remember it used a private-public key pair and hence no password. That's how it worked when I set up some proper OpenVPN servers back in the days(was selling the service)

    No password is a normal practice in VPN niche?
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    The issue is that once the keys are out, you cant change them. I tried resetting the router and made different configurations, the VPN profile generated by the router has the same key in it. I am using R7800 and its not cheap... @vlad @vlad
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