Why does this keep happening.? Earlier I thought its a one-time thing but now-a-days it has become more frequent.

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    Even this is not accessible.

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    @bitsnpieces that’s a strange error, mainly the web browser one. That seems to indicate a DNS issue and that your request never made it to our web server.

    When we did some maintenance a few weeks back I set our DNS ttl to 60 seconds which would make errors like that more prominent.

    I just increased it, can you let me know if that helps?
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    @dfox this happens to me almost twice everyday for like 2-3 mins or so.

    Sure I will let you know if it happens again. Thanks 😁
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    Are you on a wireless internet link ?
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    @Nanos yeah why does that make any difference??
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    I reckon with 90% certainty, if you use a wired connection, the issue will go away. :-)
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    @Nanos If thats the case my ISP connection is wired but obviously using with a router.

    Also, I dont think its a network issue because I have been facing this on my office network too.
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    Does your office network have a wireless link in the mixture someplace ?

    It might even be a little further down the line, eg. a microwave link an ISP is using.

    Does it get worse when its raining outside ?

    We have several microwave link hops here to get in the way of things.

    On the far edge of the island, ping can get to 1,200ms !
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    @Nanos I am living in Mumbai, India so I dont think so there is wireless connection of any sort. Physical cables run the show I guess. Also, not a rainy season. It could probably because of the reason dfox just mentioned.
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