So my fiancé wanted “birthday bunnies” which is fine, they’re cool dudes and the listen to me when I’m chatting shit, not sure they’re better than a duck though.

Any way Frank and Spenser are 6 months old and it’s time they had their balls off, or they’ll start fighting.

Booked them in with the vets exactly 4 weeks ago, got there at 0915 this morning and they go “we don’t do operations at the weekend”

Not a huge issue, other than I spent 20 minutes chasing he furry little shit machines to put them in their carry cases.

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    Her: darling i think we should get "birthday bunnies"
    You: i didn't expect that from you, ever. But okay :-D
    Her: i think they will bring some excitement into our house
    You: Definitely
    Her: In the evening we can cuddle with them
    You: oh yes!
    Her: You would have companions while you work and when I'm away!
    You: That would be nice!
    Her: They would spend the day in the garden if it's warm enough.
    You: That will be a pretty view!
    Her: The neighbors will enjoy it too!
    You: Young boys especially...
    Her: but in the evening you must catch them!
    You: That sounds like fun!
    Her: But you must feed and clean them!
    You: Ohhh sure!
    Her: And take care if their fur and claws.
    You: Yeah...What?
    Her: The fur! Rabbits have fur!
    You: oh you mean real bunnies...
    Her: Sure. What did you think?
    You:... the same! Let's get small bunnies...
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    @irene my fiancé doesn’t like cats, and currently our lifestyle means that a dog would be out the question as we’d need to rely on her parents a lot.
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    I lol-ed at "furry little shit machines"
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