I just bought 4gb ram for my laptop and I'm wondering after I physically install it into my laptop will windows 10 automatically detect it or do I have to do something?...this is my first time doing this so I'm kinda stupid when it comes to this

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    Should definitely be automatic
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    Don't call yourself stupid. One doesn't know how to do things out of the box, there's always a learning curve, it's Ok.

    Btw, I'm also in knowing :)
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    As long as the Ram module is compatible with your motherboard and the existing module, windows should definitely pick it up automatically.
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    Seriously guys thanks for the information!
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    Make sure it's compatible with your CPU (newer Intel ones for example only support DDR4, so putting a stick of DDR3 in will it work).
    Other than that, as long as the system has been powered down completely, it should be a simple insert properly and turn it back on.
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